3.10 targets


I've now triaged all ~700 bugs in gnome-settings-daemon and
gnome-control-center, and marked about 330 bugs with the "3.10"
whiteboard keyword.

The only criteria used for tagged issues was "it doesn't need designer
input". There's a mix of plain bugs (crashers, run-time warnings,
misbehaviour), re-designs of panels where the design work already
happened, and bugs that still need investigation.

I'd like all the bugs marked with 3.10 to be:
- triaged (if a particular bug needs something else to happen before,
make sure that the dependencies are correct)
- answered before 3.10 (ask for more information if necessary, propose
patches for review, close as already fixed, etc.)

Once you've done any of the above, you can remove the 3.10 keyword.
We'll most likely add 3.10 blockers later in the cycle.

Don't hesitate to ask me if you're not certain which action to take for
a particular bug. I've read them all ;)


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