Re: Having external control panels in System settings

On Wed, 2012-02-01 at 11:39 +0000, Bastien Nocera wrote:

> You say:
> "very clear that the control center is for settings that don't have the
> context of an application"
> and then:
> "they figure out that they have implementations for similar things"
> I'm afraid that I see those as conflicting. There's really not that many
> people working on non-application infrastructure, and since we started
> working on gnome-control-center for GNOME 3, only some core GNOME
> hackers have contributed to new panels.
> (The one exception is Deja-Dup, but it was refused for implementation
> reasons rather than because the functionality wasn't interesting)

Eh, sorry for the lack of clarity - what I said was about Gnome in
general, not so much about the control center.  Think of infrastructure
bits that started out as distro-specific things (mounting removable
media) and ended up as real, shared infrastructure, with Gnome having a
lot to do with it.

> Except that I'm the one receiving bug reports for their mistakes. I
> won't provide them with the gun to shoot themselves in the foot.

Do we need one of those templates in Bugzilla for, "this is a downstream
problem; go bother them at $url"?

(Any idea on why people file those bugs in b.g.o rather than in the
downstream bug trackers - what process are they following that leads
them to b.g.o?)


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