Re: Planned "Sound Settings" improvements

2011-10-20 16:13, Allan Day skrev:
On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 11:46 AM, David Henningsson
<david henningsson canonical com>  wrote:
Hey David!

Over the coming months, I'm planning to make some improvements to the "Sound
Settings" dialog. While my primary target is the upcoming Ubuntu 12.04
release, I believe it will be of mutual benefit if this functionality also
becomes part of GNOME.

To give you some background, I've been working on PulseAudio patches for
jack detection the last few months. Upstreaming of these patches are in
progress and will be a part of PulseAudio 2.0. These patches also make
PulseAudio expose more information, that makes it possible for us to make
the Sound Settings UI more user friendly.

The main point of the redesign is to remove the hardware tab, and have input
and output tabs incorporate the information currently on the hardware tab.
There should be one row for every combination of Port/Connector and Card,
rather than today's practice of one row for every card and a combobox for
"Connector". The point is that since the average user would think of
"Headphones" and "Speakers" rather than "Internal Audio Analog Stereo", we
should present Headphones/Speakers/etc to the user as the first thing he/she

There is a small mockup here:
The two bottom checkboxes will likely be removed. You should see it more as
"what" will be on the picture rather than "where".

While GNOME might not want to have this feature before PulseAudio 2.0 is
released, I figured it'd be better to be too early to keep you in the loop,
than too late. So I'm reaching out to hear, well first and foremost if this
is something you're interested in, and if so, what help is available when it
comes to things such as making upstreaming to GNOME go as smooth as
possible. While I believe I can write most of the code, I'm not used to the
GNOME release cycle and workflow.

As for getting the pixels right, I'm not a visual designer myself, but I can
probably get some help with that from within Canonical. (Also, moving
something two pixels down or rephrase a string, is of course something you
can change quite easy, should it not suit your preferences.)

Btw, should you be interested in discussing this with me personally, you can
reach me in Prague next week for GStreamer and Linux conferences, and at
Ubuntu Developer Summit the week after that.

Some additional pointers:
  * If you were at the desktop summit, this was briefly discussed at Colin's
Jack support seems like it would be advantageous for the user
experience, so this is really good news. I'm not entirely sure about
some aspects of your mockup though, so it would be good to run through
the UI design in a bit more detail.

Agreed. And it might be that all details and corner cases are not fully resolved yet either.

Please feel free to use the existing sound panel design page [1]. The
other design pages (eg, [2]) give an idea how we use them.
Ok. I tried to register a account to be able to do so, but failed (the web server timed out, or something similar). I will try again later.
It'd be
great to work together on this!

Well, if you have some spare cycles and would like to help me out, that would be most welcome, of course. I'm coming from the PulseAudio side and know how I want the PulseAudio information reorganised so that it fits the user better, but I don't mind some help with everything from gtk3 programming and visual design (i e getting the pixels right) to communication and upstreaming.

Thanks for the encouragement from you and other people here. Sounds like I'm on the right track. Let's just remember that the more people involved, the more difficult it will be to implement everybody's pet feature or suggestion, and getting a design that is optimal for everyone. I'm going to try to make everybody happy, but it is not always possible. :-)

// David

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