common GSettings schemas

Hi everyone,

It's currently a little bit of an open question what we should do about
"system-wide" GSettings schemas for things like lockdown settings,
fonts, etc.

Several people have been asking about this lately and about what we plan
to do.

While hanging out in Park Street Station, Vincent and I decided that a
reasonable option would be to create a new module with these schemas
(and nothing else) inside of it -- just XML.  This new module would
become a hard dependency of gnome-settings-daemon, control-centre and
any application that was interested in these settings.  We would
specifically discourage application authors from attempting to insert
special-cases into their code to deal with the possibility of this
package not being installed.

If we do this (and I think we should) then someone who is familiar with
the control centre, settings daemon and the available lockdown settings
should probably get the ball rolling on this effort.


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