libslab plans

Hello control center people, and Owen (for Git expertise), and 
Federico (as maintainer of gnome-main-menu) !

So gnome-control-center was one of the few unfortunate users of
svn:externals, last month Owen investigated a good list of such
users and noted this about gnome-control-center:

|> gnome-control-center/trunk
|>     libslab
|>  I don't know the overall situation here. Is libslab used externally?
|>  If it needs to be kept like this, could be done as a git submodule;
|>  would need jhbuild support for submodules, since you have to
|>  git submodule update --init after cloning, and git submodule update
|>  after updating. (pretty simple)

JHBuild supports git submodules (it is used by gstreamer), but afaik
this solution would require that libslab be moved to its own


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