gnome-settings-daemon 2.25.2 released

Changes since 2.25.1
- No need to trap XkbQueryExtension and friends errors (Jens Granseuer) (#559346)
- Add some performance annotations around libxklavier calls (Behdad Esfahbod)
- Start managers in idle callbacks (Behdad Esfahbod) (#559482, #559564)
- Only initialize fontconfig when starting up (Behdad Esfahbod) (#559550)
- Remove unnecessary X error traps (Jens Granseuer) (#559562)
- Init a11y status icon only when needed (Behdad Esfahbod) (#559558)
- Reshufle plugin priorities a bit (Behdad Esfhabod)
- Delay constructing the GnomeBg object until we need it (Behdad Esfahbod)
- Listen for DeviceEnabled instead of DeviceAdded to be sure the mouse has
  been initialized (William Grant) (#559827)
- Add debugging output for volume_step (Jens Granseuer)
- Fork before gtk_init (Behdad Esfahbod) (#559695)
- Lockdown in the keybinding plugin (Matthias Clasen) (#553434)
- Trap X errors so we don't crash on X servers that don't support DevicePresence
  (Jens Granseuer) (#560618)
- Fix handling of time = GDK_CURRENT_TIME (Jens Granseuer) (#559797)
- Add bundle_loader linker flag to fix compilation on MacOS X (dmack netspace org)
- Grab all keycodes that match the respective keysim (Mario Limonciello) (#561275)
- Fix --no-daemon (Behdad Esfahbod)
- Depend on libxklavier 3.8 (Sergey Udaltsov)
- Fix checks for various X libraries (Jens Granseuer)
- Fix check for xklavier device discovery (Jens Granseuer)


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