gnome-settings-daemon 2.23.90 released

Changes since 2.23.6
- PulseAudio check to not ouput "no" twice (Jens Granseuer)
- Add status icon when a11y hotkeys are enabled, and display Universal
  Access preferences when it is clicked (William Jon McCann) (#526070)
- Simplify libnotify check, fix fontconfig result output (Jens Granseuer)
- Put the Glade file where all the others are (jens Granseuer)
- Remove some unnecessary boilerplate (Jens Granseuer)
- Use g_file_monitor instead of g_file_monitor_file/_directory (Jens
  Granseuer) (#546372)
- Remove warning that isn't (Jens Granseuer)
- Fixed crash in randr startup (Jens Granseuer)
- Fail xrandr initialization if we couldn't start xrandr (Matthias Clasen)
- Try harder to clean up xrandr in _stop  so we can enable/disable the plugin
  on the fly (Jens Granseuer)
- For LIBSOUNDS, check for libgnomeui, not just libgnome (Federico Mena Quintero)
- Add sexy labels when setting up dual monitors (Federico Mena Quintero)
- Add a separator to the menu before "Configure display settings" (Federico Mena
- Use GDK to get DPI (William Jon McCann)
- Updated translations:
  - ar (Djihed Afifi)
  - es (Jorge Gonzalez)
  - et (Priit Laes)
  - fi (Ilkka Tuohela)
  - gl (Ignacio Casal Quinteiro)
  - ja (Takeshi AIHANA)
  - he (Yair Hershkovitz)
  - ml (Praveen Arimbrathodiyil)
  - nb (Kjartan Maraas)
  - pt (Duarte Loreto)
  - pt_BR (Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle)
  - th (Theppitak Karoonboonyanan)


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