Re: Can't change rsvg images in gnome-theme-manager

Rod Butcher wrote:
> Greetings. I have compiled gnome 2.16 from source. Everything appears to
> work except I can't switch themes for the large icons on the panel -
> such as the main menu and volume control. Other components of the theme
> such as the frame border, colours, button shapes and small icons (on the
> toolbar of applications) do get switched with the theme. Just the panel
> icons don't. I understand these are in rsvg format, correct ? I have
> built with the appropriate configure options for rsvg, and have built
> librsvg, cairo, libgsf.
> Any suggestions how I can debug this ?
> thanks
> Rod

When you say "cannot change" do you mean that the icons don't appear
correctly, or that they remain the same as the previous theme.


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