Re: Preferred Applications revisited, part two

On dim, 2005-11-27 at 01:05 +0100, Luca Cavalli wrote:

> one. There is only a small note inside, but
> the format is quite simple. Anyway, if needed, I can write something to
> explain it, no problem.

Just list the keyword than can be used (like tab-command for a browser).

> The advantage of this solution is that it can be implemented without any
> modification to the current desktop file format used by the
> applications.

It's easier to modify current files than to ship new ones just for this.

> Then I can rename my main source file from gnome-da-capplet.c to
> gnome-default-applications-properties.c and make a patch over it (it
> will replace all the file content), but my other source files must be

I would like to have the opinion of the other maintainers on this. 

> No, opening a file is driven by mime type, so the gconf key is not
> readed. Should this applet also handle mime types? Probably yes :)

The current case is the browser one. Maybe we should mail the gnome-vfs
or the desktop list for a discussion on this.

> If I can express my opinion an XML file is a good compromise between
> hardcoded C structs inside source file and automatic application
> discovering via desktop files, which is not doable with the current
> desktop file format. I like also Paolo's idea of having our own custom
> desktop files somewhere.

What is the issue with editing the current desktop file to set a field
the provided function (Browser, Mailer, ...)? The XML description is
nice, but still require to list all the alternatives instead of making
easy for the applications to be list themself.


Sebastien Bacher

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