Gnome Project Application

I've started work on a gnome project manager similar in philosophy to
Microsoft Project.   It seems to be something that is lacking in the
current suite of gnome programs.

I've built most of a constraint system, so the system can properly
compute start dates, end dates, slack, etc either working forward from a
project start date or backwards from a desired end date.  The underlying
math is there and seems to be working.  I need some help figuring out
how the best way to present errors to the users of the programs.
Reporting logical inconsistancies by dumping them to stderr just won't
cut it.

Persistent information is stored as XML text files and that seems to be

There's no UI to speak of.  I've got a fixed size task table that shows
all of  the computed information for a project.  Projects are hard coded
test cases right now.  Basically, what I've got is a lot of driver
programs that do a pretty good job of unit testing most of the
underlying infrsatructure.

Anybody out there with a burning desire to work in project management

I'm at the point where I need another set of eyes to sanity check my
work, there's enough of a system that more than one programmer can
productively work on the project, and the problems are now complicated
enough that I need to talk things out with another developer.

Oh, and I need a name for the thing.


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