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Thanks for your answer.
have you regular meeting planed to speak about this project ? ( on irc for example ? ).

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Hi all, 

Thanks for your interest in helping out with the new website! As Kjartan points out, the GnomeWeb site is up to date, with the Content, Design and CMS subteam pages fairly accurate. 

The short story is we're currently stalled (again) - we need some Plone work done. The design is done and I would estimate 80% of the content needed for the first phase of the launch is done. A couple of team members are also evaluating Wordpress as a Plone replacement due to the lack of Plone developers in the GNOME community. Localization remains an issue for Wordpress though there might be a potential solution and there will be an update in the next month or so, I believe. 

I'm not sure why the test site is down, I'll look into that. 


On Sun, Oct 24, 2010 at 12:34 PM, Kjartan Maraas < kmaraas broadpark no > wrote: 

lø., 23.10.2010 kl. 23.50 +0200, skrev seb117 free fr : 

> Yeah !!! we are 3 :D 
> Actually there are this page : 
> But i think that is an outdated wiki. 

I think the content there is still relevant if you follow the links to 
the Content, Design and CMS subteams. 

> Here a mail about the project : 
> But with links broken. 

Looks like the sandbox server is down atm, no idea why. 


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