Re: Milestone - May 27 - Status update

Hi all,

FYI: I got status updates from all teams via IRC today. It seems we're
on track for this milestone, great! All deliverables are supposed to
be sent tomorrow.



2009/5/26 Lucas Rocha <lucasr gnome org>:
> Hi all,
> Current milestone: "Planning and Initial proposals". This is message
> is just to check what's the status of each team (Content, Design and
> CMS) considering that the deadline is tomorrow. I'm specially
> interested in answers for the following questions:
> Do you think you'll be able to achieve what's expected for this milestone?
> What's still pending in order to achieve the goals for the next milestone?
> Is there anything blocking you in any way?
> Milestone goals are documented here:
> I'm especially concerned about the CMS team status from which I
> haven't heard much since the last meeting.
> --lucasr

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