Re: GNOME Website Meeting

Hey Christopher,

2009/5/6 Christopher Warner <cwarner kernelcode com>:
> In all frankness, everytime this comes up there is some form of Stop
> Energy.. I feel a meeting as described below, will produce nothing but.

I understand your worries with the Stop Energy and all[1] but we need
to make sure we have a plan for how to maintain our website. There's
no guarantee[2] that we'll have Plone people around to
fix/improve/maintain/upgrade our website in the near future. How can
we improve this situation? That's what I want to discuss.

Also, we need to synchronize the work that Andreas and Vinicius will
be doing on the design with the CMS work anyway. It might be
easier/simpler/more feasible now to just implement the current design
and target a new look for a later date. But this needs to be cleared
out, decided and scheduled. As I said, my point here is to make sure
everyone is on the same page.


[1] I really tried to not make my message too negative, and I think it's not.
[2] Based on the fact that we've been struggling to form a stable,
active and reliable group of Plone volunteers for almost 3 years with
no success!

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