Re: New Website layout

Murray wrote:
> The Plone site contains new content and presentation. That's one
>         that it's so sad that it's been offline for so long. 

On Mon, 2008-09-29 at 08:47 -0600, Stormy Peters wrote:
> Can we see a preview or mockup somewhere? Is the content part and site
> structure up for review?

*** No mockup:

Sorry for being vague before. I knew I'd have to take some time to dig
up all the details from the past. There is no mockup online. That is the
current problem - the code can't even be deployed to a beta site yet.
There was a beta site of a previous version, but that's offline. Some
Plone developers are currently trying to get it done.

I can offer some screenshots, though they aren't very informative:

I can also offer this original plan for the navigation structure:
However, as we filled in the content for that structure, we decided
(mostly in bugzilla) that it had not really been thought through, or was
not described properly. So the structure became simpler, by combining
pages and removing some, and the end result is in the Plone system only.

On positive thing is that the design for the main header bar has already
been adopted by all the * sites, though the choice of
2nd-level tabs  (the navigation structure) for has
obviously not been adopted yet.

*** More Waiting:

Please note that, if anybody wishes to critique those unrepresentative
screenshots or the out-of-date navigation plan, there isn't much point
right now and you won't get much response. I think all the people who
made those decision would much rather talk about what's in the actual
Plone site, using that actual site, and the ongoing discussions about it
that are already in bugzilla.

However, that's unacceptably obstructive, so I am now seeking a final
deadline (soon) for the Plone beta, so we can get out of the way if
necessary. If the Plone system fails then I will do the work to document
the navigation that we ended up with, and to extract the content that we
wrote for that.

Remember also that this is just about Other sites, such
as are not affected by the Plone system.

murrayc murrayc com

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