I blogged about this yesterday, but I'll mention it here for opinions.

The main page is now just a link to the developer section and two links to some archived

There is still stuff in the projects directory,
which is only really used by the Usability and Accessibility projects. I
don't think that summary page was ever linked from anywhere. I'd like
these to be moved to a new subdomain, combining with
the stuff that seems to have lots more content.
Actually exists already, as a bad (no stylesheet)
version of the
summary page. Moving all this projects/ stuff into a new svn module
would make future changes to easier.

Then we could kill completely. I don't think anyone
has any other plans for it. I don't even think the archive of old
content has any real value, but maybe we could move that to or such suchlike.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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