Re: Explorer & Safari testers for wgo

Quim Gil wrote:
> Hi, we need someone using Explorer & Safari to browse
> , report bugs and follow them until they
> are fixed.
> Explorer 6 is fine, we won't go through potential Explorer 5
> nightmares. Other combinations like Firefox on Windows etc won't harm.
> And well, we also have special GNOME mobiles devices like the tablets
> or the OLPC laptop.
When doing CSS work on Linux, I find these free (and fast) screen
capture services useful:
(This should cover Safari and IE 5/6/7).

Hopefully, we can also check with these tools before committing any CSS
fixes (don't want to fix a bug just to break another browser).

Just for reference, do we have any specific browser support criteria
that we should constantly test against?  Firefox, IE 6/7, Opera, and
Konqueror/Safari should probably be a good start.

Later next week, I should probably have time to concentrate on polishing
the CSS/helping with browser compatibilities.  My goal is to avoid any
sort of hackish/"quick" fixes and to get the CSS working *solid* across
many browsers.


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