Re: That content style, please

There is indeed an urgent need for someone to fix the CSS stylesheet.
Here is a example so you can see the need:

Notice, for instance:
- there's no paragraph spacing
- nested ul elements have no identation.

On Sun, 2007-05-06 at 22:28 +0300, Quim Gil wrote:
> Probably the topic of this wgo revamp that has received more silent
> answers to my cries has been the consistent style for:
> - Fine tuned style for font types and sized for all the text elements:
> headers, subheaders, paragraps and so on.
> - content organization in pages: guidelines and templates to create
> nice looking pages with graphics, subheaders and so on. A visual guide
> for those of us having to write the pages and embed the images.
> It doesn't make sense to spend months working on the general template,
> home, header & footer if then the body content visually sucks. And now
> sucks.
> This should be plain easy with someone with a basic experience in web
> publishing. The deliverable are the CSS rules for texts and a 3-5
> examples of pages on png or, better, unpublished in the system so we
> can use them as templates easily.
Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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