Re: Problems with content in plone

Joachim wrote:
> Maybe I'm being a bit thick, but I've logged into our plone test site,
> and there's a few pretty basic things I can't figure out.

I will prefix my comments by saying that I have not seen the system you are adding contents to and the descriptions relate to the default Plone layout. I am also assuming you have logged in AND have the correct rights to create/edit content.
> - I don't see how to start a new page
Near the top right hand side of the content box you will have a dropdown list saying "add to folder". This list should contain the types which you are allowed to add in the location.

> - I don't see how to edit an existing page
At the top of the content box you should see a number of tabs... one should say "edit".

The above tasks _should_ be easy to do. I suspect your UserID does not have the correct rights.



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