Attempted to add "orca" to

Hi All:

I thought I followed the gnomeweb-wml/ file, including doing an actual ./; make; make install on my machine. During the make, I saw some errors from some other components, so I ended up cd'ing to <gnomeweb-wml/ projects> and doing the make's from there. Things seemed to go OK.

I fear I might have screwed something up, however, since I've been at this step for the past hour:

"7. Sit back, relax, have a beer, and reload the project page in 5-10
 minutes. It should be up. If not, email gnome-web-list gnome org,
 explain what you've done and what is wrong, and if you're bold, point
 out to them that it is embarassing we don't have a CMS yet. :)

Well...OK. I lie. I didn't include the beer, and my only way of relaxing was to start tackling the pile of other stuff overflowing on my plate. ;-)

I'm going to head out for a bike ride and will check this when I get back. But, I wanted to drop a line here just in case I did indeed screw something up badly. My sincere apologies ahead of time if I did.


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