Re: Request to the board (proposal)

On 1/10/06, Quim Gil <qgil desdeamericaconamor org> wrote:
> > So, do you have a more detailed question for the board? :-) Or is it
> > "what should we do with local websites?"
> No, sorry for the misunderstanding. I was talking about the revamp in
> general.
> It would be useful to have the board helping us to get to a (re)solution
> agreed by everybody, on the revamp related issues. The problem here is
> not of lack of direction, but of multiple directions - not being clear
> towards which to walk.
> The webhackers team is not as defined and structured as the average
> project team and the discussion involves/affects also marketing,
> documentation, translations, regional groups, GNOME projects, sysadmin,
> infrastructure and the board itself as representant of the Foundation.
> Also, it is uncertain the priority level of this revamp in the context
> of the GNOME project. Some may think it is very urgent, some may think
> it's actually not that important. If it would be clear how prioritaire
> is this issue we would discuss much better.

It is extremely important, though not urgent, if that makes sense? We
should make sure we do it right, but it is one of the most important
projects the community faces- arguably much more important than our
actual releases at this point (since they are very much in an
evolutionary and not revolutionary mode at this time.)

> If I put "(proposal)" in the header is because maybe you think this is
> something we still can solve without requesting board intervention.
> Myself I'm not sure when the board shoulf be requested. I partly feel
> like a child going to the teacher when there is trouble in the patio.   :)

I would suggest that the best thing the board could do in this case,
Quim, is appoint a leader and a small team and say 'this is your
interest/issue/area of expertise, we bless your solution assuming you
do not go completely insane.'  That is what I would advise, anyway.


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