screenshots used for promotion purposes!!

Hey gnome guys!

what can i tell you, i've been a gnome user for the last decade more or less. (atleast been usign gtk+ apps)

i cant really remember, at what release of gnome it was (perhaps it was 2.10 or most likely 2.12) when the start/2.12/ website stoped having screenshots of the new hip and cool stuff that comes with that release.

i mean, was this done with a purpose?

in my eyes having screenshots, is a Pretty good way to promote ones product. Sure, LiveCDs are okey, but if one is located at a modem-only home. i dont wanna download a live cd, 600 mb just to check if it looks like something i wanna use then to discover that it wasnt something i was intrested in.

youknow, i can not imagine that the reason they were taken down was that it took up too much bandwith. if so, lower the quality.

so, now when it looks as if a new release 2.14 is sooner or later about to be released, would it be to much to ask for that the start/2.14 site contains some screenshots?

i mean, sure, you can find screenshots at / / / or whatever.

if people are abit like me, you would loose alot of possible users on the lack of screenshots. i very seldom seldom bother to install applications/desktops that dont have screenshots at their webpage.

sorry about the rant, and yes, i am a screenshot-o-holic. i admit it :)



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