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<quote who="Quim Gil">

> If I understand what you mean, Drupal can do this.
> More than one Drupal site on one machine

Yeah, but (thus far) it doesn't let you do funky virtual domains for
particular parts of your taxonomy tree and so on.

> You could also create a sub homepage and set
> a redirect from or even

Which is why you have to do stuff like this. ;-) Which is not unreasonable,
particularly if you do rewriting.

> Works for me. We will possibly convince more with facts rather than
> emails.  :)  And we need a basic GUADEC7 site soon.
> And ok to keep a separation between the wiki (behind the scenes) and the
> website (interface with the outer community). The website helps us
> approaching new people to GNOME and GNOME events, the wiki is IMHO too
> clearly for insiders (only).

Yeah, agree. I'll cook up some Drupal love over the weekend.

- Jeff

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