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Jeff asked for a mid term strategy relating to the evolution of the
GUADEC site and the Drupal CMS to be installed for this event.


- Leave as an archive and go for

There is not a strong reason to have the GUADEC separated from the rest
of There is no reason to make a big distinction between the
GUADEC and other face to face meetings such as the Boston Summit or the
regional meetings such as the GUADEC-ES, Fórum GNOME... would be about meeting somewhere in the world. From big
events 100% GNOME to local events 98% GNOME and also FLOSS & IT events
where GNOME has a presence, and GNOME hackers and users have an
opportunity to meet. Most of the events and meetings have most of the
requirements in common: calendar, schedule, about, participants,
speakers, registration, merchandising, on-line materials, coverage... We
could offer a common umbrella to these events, offering a set of
services they may use or they may skip by using their own website as
they are doing now.

In this context the GUADEC would have its own pages and sections
identified, but it would not be an isolated subsite. It would gain
volume and importance in the website as its volume and importance
increases in the GNOME community. Once the event is done it would
decrease slowly leaving more space to next events such as the Boston Summit.

In the meantime small events, participation in fairs could be reported
and organized here. Currently they are mentioned in mailing lists or in
 n the means of communication used locally by the local event. In the website these events almost don't exist.
could solve this without adding much effort to the effort already
invested to the GUADEC.

- Using as a channel of communication open to the
participants before and after the event. Most of the times we feel that
we could have made better use of the GUADEC days, willing to have more
previous time to prepare and more time after to go deeper in the
discussions, get to conclusions... would be perfect for
this. Someone interested in attending to the GUADEC7 could contact
fellows through the site previously, could warm up the debate, could
have a better idea of what are the talks about and what have the
speakers in mind.

- The organisation of the events itself could be managed in Imagine the difference between asking for ideas about
good keynotes in the gnome-list only or in this list and (equipped with RSS and the like).

- The combination of several GNOME related events under
would give us an interesting list of registered users: the people that
has attended or has an interested to attend to a GNOME event. These
people want to know more about GNOME and they possibly want to receive
news and announcements, become a member of the Foundation, make a
donation, buy a T-Shirt, present a paper in the next edition... This has
a connection with the Friends of GNOME database discussed months ago - .
In that discussion the almost-conclusion seemed to be using CiviCRM,
which is a Drupal module -

- To start with, would have a degree of autonomy in
layout and navigation similar to, which is also managed
by a CMS (developed from scratch in GNOME?). Later on (say past the
GUADEC) if we are happy with this system we can create new Drupal
instances (sharing templates and some tables such as users) for and the users' site.

No, no need to touch anything under  :)

Quim Gil |

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