Re: Annotated online documentation


> I think it would be nifty if people could add comments to the online
> documentation. Obviously we'd rather have patches to the
> documentation/source, put people don't often go to that trouble after
> they have discovered something - they need code changes to be submitted
> but documentation changes are not essential to them personally. However,
> they'll make comments immediately if it's easy, and maintainers can then
> make their own changes.

I totally agree this would be an awesome idea - it's been mentioned in
the past before, but nothing has been done. It's not just about people
creating patches against documentation. Some comments are about people's
experience with using a single API, with various different code examples
and uses. All very helpful in my mind.

I'd suggest that we create a beta site with it enabled and see how it
works out over a couple of weeks/months. Is it possible to turn the
comments off? Is it likely that the comments will distract people from
the API? Will we get comment spam on them? ...


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