Re: Serving localized

Reinout van Schouwen ha scritto:

Hi all,

Currently I'm working on a redesign of the Epiphany homepage. One of the features I had in mind was serving localized content based on language preference set in the browser. I know it's possible to use gettext for this with PHP, but one test PHP file I placed in cvs gets 403 Forbidden errors when I try to access it.

Christian Rose pointed me to the thread from December '04 about serving localized GNOME websites. Could anyone give me a status update? I'd be willing to play a guinea pig, too. ;)


Hi Reinout,
I tried to look for a non-PHP/static solution to serve localized content. This is the last update [1] I sent to the list (complete thread [2]). "Before we branch for gnome-2-10, we can't have new features added, but only bugfixes" as xml2po developer said. So I am "anxiously" waiting for this branch to happen, to start working with the new xml2po.
I will keep this list informed under the thread [2].
Take care,
PS: anyone is going to fosdem [3]? We could meet there and discuss any pratic solution.


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