CivicSpace site to test

While we discuss the appropriate platform for wgo, here it is a place to
test navigation, layout, etc:

This site is based on CivicSpace, a popular Drupal flavour focused on
communities. Its purpose is to serve the wgo revamp discussion and
planning as a testing platform. If you want to play with it register and
request permissions.

This site currently offers:

    * Dozens of preinstalled modules including CiviCRM, ready to be tweaked.
    * Menu management in order to create and test website structure.
    * Theme management in order to work on layout design.
    * Content publishing, including images and files.
    * News aggregation tool to test feeds.
    * ...and more

As for today this site DOES NOT OFFER:

    * Real homepage
    * Real structure
    * Real layout
    * Real content
    * Look&Feel

If you want to have ssh to the server register here:

Quim Gil -

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