Re: Banner for 2.12 release

I just asked my girlfriend, for an impartial and objective opinion.  Her response was, "Nah, 'Yeah baby' doesn't do it for me."

Personally, I like it!  But we need the widest possible appeal, I think (2c worth)

On 23/08/05, Christian Neumair < chris gnome-de org> wrote:
Sebastien Biot schrieb:

>I haven't done this in a while but here it goes... What do you guys
>think of something like this:
>as a banner for wgo on 2.12 release day and following?
>I won't comment much on it before I hear from you except to say that
>the screenshot is just my desktop at the time I was putting this
> together and that it could be re-shot for better results.

I'm a bit concerned that the "Yeah Baby" might be perceived as being a
bit sexistic/explicit.
But then again, I'm not a native English speaker.
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