Re: Feb. banner; take 3

I like it, its very clear and consistent


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> I've abandonned the bug hunting theme for now and changed the topic to
> reflect the Foundation's PR focus on GNOME groups sprouting around the
> world (int'l marketing groups and websites, int'l deployments, etc...).
> The Foundation is working on a press release addressing these new
> developments[1], the banner could link to it once it's up somewhere.
> As usual, all suggestions are welcome. The text on the banner is mine and
> very much subject to changes for something better.
> Suggestions sent for the previous tentative banner, the "Bugs? What Bugs?"
> one, have not been forgotten. I liked the cartoony bug suggestion. I might
> try something like that one day. Alternative suggestions centering around
> GNOME Love and such have not been discarded either. Maybe we can do
> something fun on Valentine's day, as a one-day thing.
> Sebastien
> [1]
> see New Actions, action item #2.
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