Re: protest page is tired

<quote who="Steve Hall">

> > > Here's the lame reason it's still up: Working on a fresh layout,
> > > didn't feel like putting the water back up and getting flamed.  Lame!
> > > It'll be fixed soon and far more colourful (and informative), sorry
> > > for the black. :-)
> Actually, it's a very pretty protest page, one of the best I've
> seen--industrial charcoal is so chic. :) 

Ha ha. :-)

> > (If you want to do some pretty CSS and images for the current page in
> > the mean time, please ping me. We can switch it around really easily -
> > it's all directly CSS customisable.)
> Might take you up on that this week... I can just use the current HTML/CSS
> and graphics, right? 

Probably just the CSS (see frontpage.css and epatents.css).

> And who do I talk to about adding some JavaScript? ;)

The Governor of California. :-)

- Jeff

-- 2004: Adelaide, Australia
   "And if you think this fucking little tub of gold popcorn is going to
    remotely make up for everything we've suffered, you're sadly fucking
                            mistaken!" - Gollum

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