Gnome Summit Planning Notes

Hey guys,
	Attached is the notes I wrote up about the meeting at the
Gnome summit this year.

Kevin Breit <mrproper ximian com>
Notes typed by Kevin Breit <mrproper ximian com>

Tasks to accomplish for the new site:
* Publish beta
* Graphics/IA/content review
* Build maintenance team
* Redirect common URLs
* Build list of commonly-used URLs from old site to redirect
* News/i18n
* Obtain graphic design
* Integrate with on-line processing of credit cards 

* We will keep the software map

Everything is XHTML right now

XSLT stylesheets that process them up into NS4 HTML and Moz HTML
	We want a page which has absolutely awesome HTML and stuff.  But
	we need to accomidate the world of crappy browsers

* We aren't going to be doing i18n to start out with
* Punting i18n and news for the beta and possibly first live versi
* We need a plan for how we will involve people in localizing website (perhaps Leslie's GNOME Global Partners)

Once the beta is live, they need help with
* maintenance with porting
* content development
* graphics creation
* user testing
* review process

10 best things about

* history
* parts that can be updated easily, have been updated
* looks fairly pretty
* no ads
* news on front page is good

10 worst things about

* breakage of the gnotices
* most content is 3 years old
* lack of searching
* lack of navigation - too much?
* pastel colors
* style/lack thereof
* everything is below the fold
* doesn't reflect what gnome is anymore
* no continuity with sections


* we really should install webalizer (


* we really should make a first impression "this project is updated!"
  instead of "this is a desktop environment"
* easy to post
* community recruitment/subproject pages
* new press area
* integrate 
* user/newbie: what is different from KDE/Windows/Mac/CDE?
	- adobe/macromedia does a great job of catering to
	  newbies as well as daily Adobe users
	- it would be cool for comments at the bottom of every page (ie
	- main target is potential user/contributor
	- a portal page with a few screenshots
	- the big question is "What do we want these users to do?"

* Cheridy mentioned that a big thing that we need to do is gauge our audience(s) and try to easily appeal to them.
* She also mentioned we need to create a "feature list" for the new site and stick with it.  Add more later.

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