Re: Fixing Gnotices

On Wed, 2001-08-29 at 00:06, Michael R. Bernstein wrote:
> ok, thanks to Jonathan, I have manager level access to the Zope
> installation that Gnotices is deployed on.
> This has let me take a look at the moderation situation, but I haven't
> figured out what to fix yet.

Ok, I've done some code diving to take a closer look at the moderation
issue now.

It seems as though the 'hiding un-moderated postings' functionality no
longer exists at all within Squishdot's code. Initially I couldn't
beleive it, so I wasted time convincing myself. When I brought this to
Chris Withers' attention, he happily added the functionality.

I'm pretty darn certain that this (buggy) functionality existed in
earlier Squishdot versions, but I'm not going to go do any software
archeology to figure out when it was removed.

Anyway, I've got a patch from him that *should* add the feature with no
bugs, so who has the access to apply it on the server?

Michael Bernstein.

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