Plans for Gnome Website 2.0

Here are my thoughts on the plan for getting a new website out the door.

October  19	-- First Cut of Templates
October  26 	-- Beta Test of Framework
November 2	-- Test Server Setup somewhere plus basic load Testing
November 23	-- D.G.O ported to new layout
November 30	-- Final Cut of templates and Site Framework
December 5	-- New D.G.O Site is Online for Gnome 2.0 Beta 1
December 20	-- W.G.O ported to new layout
January	 2	-- W.G.O live for Gnome 2.0 Beta 2
		-- Content Building upto Gnome 2.0

If any of this seems insane send an email or join #webhackers

If you want to help meet any of these dates just post to the list what you want to work on
and i'll help you get the details you need to finish the task.

-Joshua Eichorn

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