Re: We Have Bugzilla Love

<quote who="michaeld senet com au">

> As Mr Burns would say, "Eeeeexcellent!".  Well done Jeff!
> How should we handle new old/new w.g.o/d.g.o websites in bugzilla?  ie
> when we go over to the new website should we simply delete/mark as
> irrelevant the known bugs at the time?

Versions, I guess. :) We will have to come up with names or numbers.

I'd like to say names, but that will just get confusing if we change
architectures again.

Thoughts Wanted: Dead or Alive. :)

- Jeff

     "They cosset us with trappings to shut us up. That way when we say     
     'sharecropper!' you can point to my free suit and say 'Shut up pop     
                          star.'" - Courtney Love                           

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