Re: Where are we?

I'm all for pushing forward.  At this point, if I am not mistaken, we
have the following:

1. The old content from the website
2. The new template idea, already done into html
3. The new directory structure for the site.

Basically, what seems to be holding us up is the "technology" question.
It seems like we've basically agreed on php.  Now all we need to do is
either use an existing set of libraries, or start coding our own library
of convenience functions and such.  So, I don't care which one we
do.....really there isn't much work once we decide which we want.  It is
just like 2 or 3 days of getting directory structure down, a couple days
of determining what of the old content we are keeping, and then a few
days of shoving the new content into the existing template system.  Once
we have that, we can do any gee-whiz features, and worry about getting a
new version of gnotices that is prettified and stable.  There isn't all
that much else, beyond having the artists on the list making images as
needed, and then we need a search engine, but we could just use google
if we need to.  So, I guess we're waiting for executive order as to what
php libraries we're using.  I for one don't really care what we use...


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