Re: We need a proyect

On Thu, Nov 23, 2000 at 03:10:47AM +0100, Tomas V.V.Cox wrote:

> Seriously, we all are talking about all with no useful results.
> We only need a minimal proyect managment approach: a small team for
> writing the initial proyect objectives (here for example: sections
> contents, technologies to use, site design, internationalization) and a
> leader to assign tasks by groups.
> 	Inside each group they can discuss they need, report the idea back to
> the leader and start to work. We can't discuss every specific area of
> the web beacuse we can get crazy and tired of ourselves :)
> 	I think the initial proyect should be write by people who have a deep
> knowledge about the actual gnome site and it problems, actual web
> technologies and team organization.

I actually think there's a lot of useful discussion going on, not just in
getting things set down for the site, but also for people to figure out what
they can and want to do.

In the meantime, I'm brewing up a proposal for design requirements, etc. to
be posted here for all to contribute to.

Joakim Ziegler - Helix Code web monkey - joakim helixcode com - Radagast IRC
      FIX sysop - free software coder - FIDEL & Conglomerate developer

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