Re: The current disscusion is good, but...

Hello Ken Evans,

Once you wrote about "The current disscusion is good, but...":
KE> Maybe I'm jumping the gun here, so correct me if I'm
KE> wrong but isn't discussing DBs vs. CVS a step we
KE> aren't ready to take?  It a great discussion but I
KE> thought there would be a plan of action first.

Agree.  I think it is too early to talk about languages, etc., since
not even all people have the good idea of what we are building.

KE> In fact it might not even be wise to pick a language
KE> to implement it all until the lists are complete and
KE> everyone is sure they can easily, cleanly, quickly
KE> fulfill the requirements.

Yup, I suggest we wait for some time for people to come... cause there
are even N many time zones around ;-)

KE> We could have a quick discussion though to limit the
KE> languages we want to explore as possibilities.  It
KE> seems as though just about everyone knows PHP and that
KE> 90% of us know Perl and/or Python.  So maybe that
KE> would be the limit of the languages that would be
KE> candidates.

Agreed again.  Just what I wanted to add is that we might have a situation
when we need some software working off the web.  I don't know if PHP for
example allows you to build standalone "web-away" applications, but Perl
and Python defenetly do so.  So, I personally would prefer to use one
language (like Perl or Python) to implement the project, rather then use one
language (eg.,PHP) for web part and another (Perl) for standalone part, until
of course there are major performance advantages found, which cover 
maintainence overhead ;-)

 Best regards,
 Leonid Mamtchenkov
 E-mail: leonid leonid maks net

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