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Joakim Ziegler wrote:
> I haven't looked at statistics for for a while. There were
> (non-public) usage stats for when it was hosted on the old
> server, though, up until a few months ago.
> It's not really necessary to use stats to figure out what people use the
> most, or rather, what we'd like them to use most, and what is most useful.
>, for instance, is clearly popular, just judging from the
> number of comments each story gets (compared to Slashdot, we're doing really
> well, actually). And it should be no surprise to anyone that people want to
> find out what GNOME is, and then find out how to get it.

Here's a scenario:
We feel popularity of GNOME is increasing, more discussion threads are
on the site...but are people actually downloading any software?  how can
tell?  no one person can read all discussion threads to see what's
hot/what's not, 
and then accurately alter a site's navigation/content to stir up some
usability of a site.  

HitBox offers path-tracking that can give you a good view at how people
clicking around your site.  it's an accurate measure of how many pages
are viewing per visit, and if your traffic comes from Bookmarks, or
Engines.  i'm suggesting a HitBox because some discussions have
more of a marketing effort, and our HitBox site analysis suits a
majority of
our marketing efforts within our company.

just a suggestion, dont mean to be harping on ya if i sound that way.


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