Re: GVfs status report

Alexander Larsson wrote:
On Sat, 2007-09-08 at 09:15 +1000, tpgww onepost net wrote:
A while back there was some discussion about a per-user? file, in
effect a virtual fstab for gvfs mountpoints. Would that be stateful in
the sense of replicating mtab as well ? How would passwords be
managed ?

I know that nf2 scheinwelt at is working on something like that for
fuse. Its independent from gvfs, and I haven't looked at it in detail.

Yes - it's called "libfusi". It's the "fuse only" approach for network mounts, thought as a short term cross desktop solution. IMHO gvfs requires gio to become the standard file-management API for the majority of applications, also for KDE. This would be cool, but might take a while.

However, the way libfusi manages network mounts, might be a pattern for gvfs: It specifies schemes of required/optional and standard/advanced mountpoint properties and remembers them in a kind of "virtual fstab".

For passwords, well, when executing a mount you pass in a
GMountOperation object where you get callbacks when things like
passwords or answers to other questions are required. This can use
gnome-keyring, and I think we should have some standardized code in Gtk+
that you can use for this.

Does that mean Gtk+ will to depend on gnome-keyring? Or will it just be a Gtk+ plugin?

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