Re: [Review] - Bug #350052 - FTP - incorrect handling of filenames starting with years

Hi Alex,

The patch provided by me works fine with the vsftp and ls commands shipped on Solaris 10 OS.

Also is there any other mailing lists for ftp related issues where I could post this query?

Kindly let know.



Alexander Larsson wrote:
On Mon, 2007-03-26 at 18:45 +0530, Manjunath K V wrote:
Hi all,

Could you kindly someone review the patch for the  bugzilla bug

Can we really be sure that there is always an extra space before a year?
It seems to happen on testing with my install of vsftp and with gnu ls,
but do all implementations do that?

I guess that space is there to align years with the time column like
"09:34" which is 5 chars, whereas the year is 4...

Any ftp experts out there?

Of course, the best solution would probably be to do the column
detection on all lines at the same time instead on a per-line basis.
Then one filename which starts with a year won't throw us off.

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