Gnomevfs and fuse filesystem support


I'm actually thinking on a way to integrate ntfs-3g in the gnome desktop
to be able to use it as default in the future, and so i have some
questions to ask you.
For those who don't know it yet, ntfs-3g is an ntfs driver based on
ntfsmount which provide full read/write support to any ntfs partition.
To make it more secure, it use the fuse interface, and so is in fact a
virtual filesystem.
And here is the problem. Because it's a virtual filesystem, hal don't
match it with an existant partition (different block.major &
block.minor) and so set the ntfs partition mounted with fuse to unmount.
Gnome-vfs apparently check mtab & hal to create volume.
When hal is disable, checking only in mtab work and it create a volume,
but when hal is enable, because the partition found in mtab is set to
unmount in hal, it don't create volume, leaving the impression that the
partition is unmounted (even if it's not the case).

So here is my question is it easily possible, to disable the hal check
for a certain type of filesystem (here fuse), so it will create & remove
volume for this case only with the information of mtab.

An other possibility, could be to make hal recognize fuse fs and make it
match with the existant partition (by a way or an other), but i don't
think this implementation is correct, because, device mounted with fuse
are 'soft mounted' and not 'hard mounted', so i think it's better to let
the job to gnome-vfs. But i might be wrong (i'll ask hal guys to know
what they think about that)

What do you guys think ?


Florent Mertens

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