Re: SMB module and do_get_file_info

Philippe Normand wrote:
> on my test code i rely on SMB gnomevfs module only once, for that
> problematic call to gnomevfs.exists()

See below...

>>That said, it may also be a bug. I'd suggest editing
>>modules/smb-method.c and remove the '#if 0' around the DEBUG_SMB_ENABLE
>>and DEBUG_SMB_LOCKS defines, and recompile. You should then get copious
>>output that'll help one trace the various requests through the module.
> I enabled debug output, recompiled and re-installed, re-launched GNOME
> desktop, checked that my was used by gnome-vfs (using lsof), but
> i can't see any debug infos printed out either on my terminal or on the
> tty console from which i started X.
> This is very weird :'-(

By default all SMB requests are proxied over to gnome-vfs-daemon and
done in the same process. So you need to either:

 * Watch the 'gnome-vfs-daemon' in the terminal.
 * Remove '[daemon]' from /etc/gnome-vfs-2.0/modules/smb-module.conf
   to get the behavior you're expecting.


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