Re: GEdit open WebDAV Files readonly

On sab, 2005-05-07 at 08:26 +0200, Joe Sollich wrote:
> Hi List,
> I am not sure, if this the right list for this... I have config my
> Apache 2 to export a directory as WebDAV and I can open it with
> Nautilus. If I click on a text-file, it was open whit gedit in
> read only modus. If I use mount.davfs instant, I can write with gedit
> to all files, but I don't like to use this.

gedit doesn't (yet) use gnome-vfs for saving files, the bugreport contains all the
details and reasons. gnome-vfs saving is implemented in the experimental
cvs branch called new_mdi, but this branch is still too
incomplete/stable for users and testers (developers are obviously
welcome to take a look :).


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