Re: DNS-SD support in gnome-vfs

On Thu, 2004-07-01 at 16:45, Murray Cumming wrote:
> I have a question about one of the new functions:
> GnomeVFSResult			      
> gnome_vfs_dns_sd_resolve (GnomeVFSDNSSDResolveHandle **handle,
> 			  const char *name,
> 			  const char *type,
> 			  const char *domain,
> 			  int timeout,
> 			  GnomeVFSDNSSDResolveCallback callback,
> 			  gpointer callback_data,
> 			  GDestroyNotify callback_data_destroy_func);
> This function allocates a new GnomeVFSDNSSDResolveHandle, which is assigned 
> to handle and also sent as a parameter to the callback. But shouldn't there 
> be some function to free it afterwards?
> test-dns-sd.c does not seem to free it at all:

Its automatically freed after the callback is called or after you cancel
it with gnome_vfs_dns_sd_cancel_resolve(). Basically its used as a
reference to the ongoing job so that you can cancel it.

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