Re: DNS-SD support in gnome-vfs

I have a question about one of the new functions:

gnome_vfs_dns_sd_resolve (GnomeVFSDNSSDResolveHandle **handle,
			  const char *name,
			  const char *type,
			  const char *domain,
			  int timeout,
			  GnomeVFSDNSSDResolveCallback callback,
			  gpointer callback_data,
			  GDestroyNotify callback_data_destroy_func);

This function allocates a new GnomeVFSDNSSDResolveHandle, which is assigned 
to handle and also sent as a parameter to the callback. But shouldn't there 
be some function to free it afterwards?

test-dns-sd.c does not seem to free it at all:

On Fri, 2004-06-18 at 16:11 +0200, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> I just commited support for dns service discovery using unicast and
> multicast dns (called Rendezvous by apple) to gnome-vfs HEAD. The mDNS
> support is done using the howl library, and the unicast code just uses
> libresolv. 
> This has two parts:
> 1) Gnome-vfs exports API to browse and resolve services using
>    dns-sd. This means applications can easily support detection of
>    various types of services, both on the local link and system wide
>    using unicast dns.
>    At the moment there is no support in the gnome-vfs api to publish
>    services, because I'm not sure how publish in the unicast case
>    (dns-update perhaps?), so I don't want to lock down the API for that
>    yet. If you want to publish mDNS stuff you can use howl directly.
> 2) Support in network:// for service discovery of ftp and webdav
>    shares. By default, all link-local share are shown in
>    network://, but you can also configure it
>    (using /system/dns_sd/display_local) to show just a link to the
>    link-local shares, or disable it totally.
>    It queries your unicast dns domain for a list of browsing
>    domains and shows links to all those domains in network://. You
>    can also add additional domains to network:// by setting
>    /system/dns_sd/extra_domains to a comma-separated list of
>    additional domains.
> I have rpms for how availible at: 
> These rpms work in FC1 and FC2 (at least) and contains some important
> patches that i've sent to the howl mailing list this week.
> Testing the mDNS support can be done by exporting things with howl
> (use the mDNSPublish app in the howl code, or edit
> /etc/howl/mDNSResponder.conf), or by e.g. enabling ftp shares on an OS
> X machine on the same network link.
> Testing unicast dns-sd is harder. And easy way is to add ""
> to the list of browsed domains with something like:
> gconftool-2 -s --type string /system/dns_sd/extra_domains
> Another way is to set up your own dns-sd zones. I've done this on my
> box at home, and my zone files contain something like this:
> _browse._dns-sd._udp.alex.test:
> 	IN       NS
>         IN      PTR     alex.test.
>         IN      PTR
>         IN      PTR
> _webdav._tcp.alex.test:
> 	IN       NS
>         IN      PTR     Test\032Share._webdav._tcp.alex.test.
> Test\032Share    IN   SRV     0 0 80
> Test\032Share    IN   A
> Test\032Share    IN   TXT    "path=/dav"
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