RE: GnomeVFS API and libgnome API ?

Hi Daniel,
I've been exactly in the same situation. I ported an
app using gnome-mime-info api to gnome-vfs api. I
found the gnome-mime api is deprecated and its mime
database is not maintained anymore and largely empty
(at least on RH8.0). gnome-vfs on the other hand
returns a good list of mime info on current
distributions (RH8, Suze8.1).

I'm still confused as to when we can use the
gnome-vfs-2.0 shared library on a linux box (and what
test we should perform to check for it). I thought it
would require the gnome window manager, but it also
works with KDE (RH8.0, Suze8.1). Anybody knows? 


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