api duplication


As pointed out by http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=104532
gnome-vfs 2.2.0 introduced 2 duplicated functions: 

The one from gnome-vfs-uri.h has been there for a long time, while the
one in gnome-vfs-utils.h was added in gnome-vfs 2.2.0 Imo this function
should really be removed as soon as possible (before the release of
gnome 2.2) if that's still doable wrt to the freezes.
I diffed the 2 functions, and they are exactly the same, moreover, I
grepped for the new function (gnome_vfs_make_uri_full_from_relative) on
my whole gnome22 tree, and it's only called from gnome-vfs-utils.c

What do you think about contacting the release team to try to remove
this function before the official gnome2.2 release ?

For the records, some very similar code is duplicated a third time in
gnome-vfs-uri.c:make_full_uri_from_relative (but that can be dealt with
any time since it's a private function)



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