Re: GStreamer gnome-vfs question

On 22 Apr 2003, Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller wrote:

> Hi,
> We have a bug in GStreamer bugzilla:
> Which contain the following for a while now:
> [ It would be great if the gnomevfssrc plugin could have some way of
>   discovering whether the currently opened stream is seekable.
> ------- Additional Comments From Wim Taymans 2003-04-04 14:41 -------
> Any ideas how the gnomevfs API exposes the seekable property, I can't
> find a method. Opening the file with OPEN_RANDOM causes gnomevfs to
> open the stream without an error but then it continues to read random
> memory...
>  ]
> If any of you guys know the answer to this we would really appreciate it if 
> you could add a comment on the bug so we could resolve the issue on our side.
> Thanks in advance,
> Christian

Hmmm. This sounds strange. gnome_vfs_seek() should return 
GNOME_VFS_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED if you seek on a handle where its not 
supported. For local file-uris I don't see how it can read random memory, 
gnome_vfs_seek() just calls lseek().

However, there is no "seekable" property you can read. Is there even a 
posix API we could use to implement this?

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