Re: gnome-vfs modules and portability

On 18 Apr 2003, Christophe Fergeau wrote:

> Hi,
> Currently, some gnome-vfs modules hardcode a .so extension in the .conf
> file describing the module. This is wrong since some platforms (HPUX for
> example) don't use .so for their shared libs. This extension should be
> removed, g_module_open will append the correct extension automatically.
> I have already fixed gnome-vfs, but the problem still happens in at
> least themus and gnome-vfs-extras (fontilus is ok).
> I can go ahead and fix that by myself if the maintainers of these
> modules agree, otherwise it would be nice if they fixed it, and if all
> other module writers check they didn't hardcode a .so extension in their
> .conf file.

If you could fix gnome-vfs-extras I'd appreciate that.

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