Re: ioctls for gnome-vfs

On Sun, 10 Nov 2002, Jody Goldberg wrote:

> On Sun, Nov 10, 2002 at 02:47:54PM -0800, Ian McKellar wrote:
> > On Fri, 2002-11-08 at 08:35, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> > > So, I wrote a patch that adds gnome_vfs_file_operation that is useful when 
> > > you want to do a backend specific operation. It is modeled on ioctl, but 
> > > slightly different. It uses strings instead of magic numbers, so we can 
> > > easier avoid collisions (backend-specific operations can be prefixed with 
> > > the module name, we can work out the names for any operations that are 
> > > common between several modules). It also passes just one pointer instead 
> > > of using varargs, because otherwise the async framework wouldn't work with 
> > > it.
> > 
> > That looks really cool! Go ahead and commit it. I'd also like a version
> > of this that acts on a uri rather than an open file handle too but I can
> > just adapt your patch to make it do that later.
> Lovely, this seems like a nice addition.  I commented to Alex on irc
> that I'd like to see a GDestroyFunc for the user data to make life
> cycle handling easier.

Ok. I added the GDestroyFunc when I commited.

I also didn't check in the test ioctl and the test changes, because it was 
sort of ugly.

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