Re: yet another gnome-vfs patch

> I've got a patch for this already in my tree, but it wasn't complete.
> I'll look at getting your changes into HEAD anyway. I'm not sure what
> we're doing for 2.0.x series releases. I've been avoiding doing feature
> work on that branch, but fixing authentication in ftp is definatly worth
> putting into the stable branch - when somebody has an idea of what that
> means.

Actually, my patch sucks: the ftp module doesn't have a notion of sessions, so the dialog asking for login/password will appear "randomly" while browsing a ftp site with nautilus. That's quite annoying.

One easy fix would be to modify the current uri so that it contains the login/password the user entered, but nautilus doesn't seem to like that.

Another solution would be to have the code which displays the authentification dialog in libgnomeui, and to cache the login/password information while the app is running : the first time a ftp site requests authorization, it displays the dialog, the other time, it silently returns the information the user entered the first time without asking anything.

Imo the second solution is the way to go, but that's more work, and the various gnome-vfs modules need to work well enough before it's worth implementing something like that


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